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Premium Natural Hair Care for Elevated Results


98% Ingredients of Natural Origins


Organic Swiss Plant Extracts


Independently Safety Tested


Cruelty Free




Made in Switzerland

Radiate Timeless Elegance

Hair That Captivates Attention

For all hair types and particularly textured hair, LEDA Swiss empowers a mesmerising healthy look that radiates confidence and timeless beauty.

Reduce Breakage and Hair Fall

Experience a transformation where strands become resilient from within, radiating a vitality that defies the challenges of everyday styling.

Simplify Your Hair Care Routine

A small application is all it takes to cater to your every hair need. Each drop elevates your hair care ritual to an extraordinary level of luxury and care.

Preserve Your Hair’s Longevity

LEDA Swiss offers a holistic solution that strengthens and nourishes the very roots of your hair, ensuring its natural beauty endures the test of time.

leda swiss

Inspired by Nature, Elevated by Clinical Research

The Splendor
of Luxury Hair-Care

Luxury hair care embodies a commitment to excellence: Our products transcend the ordinary to deliver exceptional results and are designed to pamper your hair, unveiling its true radiance and grace.

A Rich Composition
of Natural Ingredients

Nature's abundance is at the heart of our organic hair care. Harnessing the potent and rich properties of nature, our timeless formulas deliver powerful results in harmony with your hair and skin, all without harmful substances.

Made & Clinically tested
in Switzerland

LEDA Swiss embodies meticulous craftsmanship, where innovation and tradition intertwine to create exceptional formulas. Our Swiss quality guarantees world-leading science and performance you can trust.

Duo Set LEDA Swiss

  • A complimentary duo created to improve hair strength, elasticity and growth without silicones, toxins, sulfates and parabens. Suitable for all hair types.
  • Ideal for pre and post styling, for natural or blow-dried hairstyles. Instant Detangling and increased manageability.
  • Amplify natural gloss and silky softness while protecting your tresses from styling damage.
  • Exceptional for defining curls, especially for medium, thick, wavy, curly or coily hair.
  • The Nourish Hair Cream provides protection (against sun, heat styling, chlorine, salt, pollutants etc.) and soothing relief and moisture to irritated and dry scalps.

Hint: Short, thin or straight hair types require only a minimal amount for optimal application and benefits.

Volume: 50ml + 30ml

Real Results

LEDA Swiss products have a surprisingly effective texture – creamy and light, but powerful. They make my hair as moisturised as I desire.


I could never wash my hair without using conditioner because it would be unmanageable afterwards. Since discovering Leda Swiss, I've been able to skip the conditioner and simply distribute the serum through my wet hair. After that, they brush out and detangle effortlessly and become soft and glossy.


LEDA Swiss's latest hair care collection has rejuvenated my hair! Following years of heat-induced wear and tear, my locks are now sleek and radiant. These products have an amazing aroma, smoothen frizz, and give my curls a full and vigorous appearance.


After using the products just a few times, I could already see how much stronger my hair has become. I haven't stopped using them since then. I prefer using both together, but I also use the cream separately more often as it prevents my hair from getting dry.


This product was fantastic. I have notably curly hair and I wash it roughly three times a week. It tends to become dry, so it's wonderful to discover products that provide and lock in moisture without rendering it greasy. I'll certainly continue with LEDA Swiss, especially given its wonderful scent!


I adore the refreshing and subtle scent of these products. My hair, which is usually dry and exposed to chlorine, feels notably smoother and well-hydrated now. I apply the Serum daily and the results have truly delighted me!

Victoria, Switzerland

Elevate your hair care ritual with a special treat.

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Organic Swiss Alpine Extracts, Vegan Bioactives and Rich Oils

For the health of your hair, our products are formulated by clinical research with 98% natural ingredients. Infused with a powerful blend of high quality natural oils, butters and bioactives like our unique vegan Keratin. No artificial or synthetic substances. 

Meet Our Founder, Sarah-Jane Bayliss

I used to suffer from skin allergies due to using conventional hair and skin products. Even premium solutions caused skin irritations.

I sought a solution crafted with natural ingredients and refused to compromise. Childhood memories of my mother's elegance and the opulent cosmetics that adorned her dressing table kindled my passion to capture a hint of the glamour from that era.

With this vision, I approached Switzerland's leading cosmetic chemists, behind the world's finest beauty brands, to sculpt a new standard in luxurious hair care.

Years of dedicated craftsmanship, blending science, tradition with innovation, gave life to our distinct products. The Luxury of LEDA Swiss was born.

A refined method of lavishing your hair with grace and elegance, infused by nature's majestic touch and the pinnacle of scientific expertise.

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